My take on: The Naked Athlete

The fitness industry is known for showing off their hard earned bodies in tiny pieces of clothing, and it appears that Crossfit is no different. Men whip off their shirts at any opportunity and women walk around in booty shorts and sports bras. If they are wearing clothes at the start of a workout, they […]

via The Naked Athlete — emfitrx

So I can see where this author is coming from, but I must comment for the people on the other side of this argument. I have talked to people that have walked out of boxes because once they walked in, they were surrounded by a bunch of half-naked people in great shape; they left because they felt uncomfortable. Imagine being someone that isn’t all that fit and doesn’t feel confident enough to take their shirt off, by seeing all of these people taking their clothes off would just remind of the fact that I don’t have the body to do that. I have heard of boxes that have a rule saying that people can’t take their shirts off. Lets face it, CrossFit boxes are jam packed with ego’s as it is, it might not be the best idea to just add to it.

I do understand though where you are coming from with the heat and all. I’ve been there and done it, and I’ll tell you this: having a T-shirt on you doesn’t make you more dehydrated or make you perform worse. So maybe we should think a bit more about the people around us and how taking a shirt off would affect them. I would bet that you taking your shirt off affects those people more than it would affect you to keep your clothes on.

Something I’ve done is, if I’m in a class with a bunch of people that are “fit” and have had no problems taking their shirts off, then I would go right ahead. But if there is a new member or someone that I could reasonably tell wouldn’t want to take any clothing off, I won’t do it.

We can’t forget, “…every action has an opposite and equal reaction.” Newton’s Third Law




  1. emfitrx · April 25, 2016

    I get your point of view, but Crossfit is not about anyone else but you. You aren’t there to make insecure people feel good about themselves. You are there working on you. In my experience (and I’m a coach as well) other women have felt more confident taking their shirt off because I took mine off. People with average bodies in our box see us having body confidence and realize it’s not about what you look like, it’s about how confident you feel in the body you have. I do not think it is at all about ego. For me it is genuinely uncomfortable to train with layers of clothing on. But different strokes for different folks. None of our members have been detterred by any of us taking our clothes off.


    • CrossFit Improved · April 25, 2016

      And that’s awesome to have a box like that. My experiences have been a bit different. I’m looking to own my own box at some point, so I really appreciate your comment, I’ll surely put it in my toolbox for the future.


      • emfitrx · April 25, 2016

        Awesome me too! And il definitely take your opinion into consideration too.


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